your impact.

1. The Charm of Public Transportation
Start your stay in style by choosing the train or bus. Enjoy the scenery and reduce your carbon footprint from the get-go. The Alps are much more charming without the stress of traffic.

2. Illuminate the Mountain
Maximize natural light for bright days and starry nights. The Alps never need filters, and your carbon footprint remains minimal. Shine like a star without wasting energy.

3. Hold On, Not Too Hot
Enjoy warmth in moderation. Less heating, more blankets. Wearing a sweater is trendy, economical, and ecological. Heat is good, but not too much!

4. Water, Source of Life
Water is precious, even in the mountains. Save every drop, as even rivers need rest. Be a water guardian and contribute to preserving this source of life.

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Adopt a zero-waste lifestyle. Use reusable bottles (available in our grocery store) and recycle as much as possible. The planet will smile back at you, and your stay will be even more rewarding.

6. Ecological Strolls
Explore the surroundings on foot or by bike for an authentic experience. Not only is it good for the planet, but also for your muscles and mind. Experience the mountains at a more tranquil pace.

7. Local and Seasonal
Awaken your taste buds with local and seasonal delights or with our breakfasts. Your palate and the planet will thank you. Support the local community while savoring authentic flavors.

8. Be an Informed Observer
Admire local fauna and flora without disturbing them. Mountain animals aren't fans of paparazzi. Be discreet, respectful, and let nature speak for itself.

9. Unplug and Enjoy
Turn off unnecessary gadgets. Nature offers a much more captivating show than a screen. Connect with the environment and relax without electronic distractions.

10. Take Memories, Leave Positive Ecological Footprints
Take unforgettable memories but leave behind a preserved place. Every action counts for a happy mountain. Leave your positive ecological footprint so others may follow your example.

With these 10 tips, your stay at the "Perle des Alpes" becomes an eco-friendly adventure, full of discoveries and well-being for you and our beautiful planet.

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